Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Day in Amsterdam

Today has been a very long travel day. The flight over was pretty good, KLM turned out to be a pretty nice airline. Unfortunately, I didn't get any sleep on the way over...and we arrived in Amsterdam at 730am. I tried to practice my Dutch on the plane and ordered a chicken meal, but it turned out that the word I thought was chicken in Dutch was another term for a female body part, the flight attendant was quick to correct me!!!
The hostel that we are staying in seems nice. Everyone is from all over the world, Americans are out-numbered by far though! Kat and I have just been walking all around the city which is small in size, but beautiful- canals and boats are everywhere! and all the flowers are in bloom(esp. the TULIPS!!)
We went to the Anne Frank Huis (Dutch for house) this afternoon which was really great! The building was left pretty much exactly the way it was during WWII, minus the furniture.
We are going to just take it easy this afternoon and night because we are both so tired! But we have a BiG day planned for tomorrow- including, renting bikes to go out to see the massive tulip fields, visit a famous park which is uptown, and go to the Van Gough Museum. I am having a wonderful time, but miss everyone a lot!! I will update you all soon! Love <3


Irvin Lyerly said...

Just read your first entry to the blog. Sounds like a beautiful place. Have a good time and be careful.

Love, Dad

Nay Nay said...

Maddie, Your mom told me you called at 2:00am (our time) to say you had arrived in Amsterdam. I was relieved you made it there OK. Your comment about ordering the chicken was funny...wonder what you actually DID order??? Take pictures of the tulips! Today your mom, dad, Myrt, Ray, and Tug are coming down. Can't wait to see them. Miss you. Love, Nay Nay

lissa lyerly said...

hey maddie im glad that youre there you and kat take care of each other i bet the tulips are sweet were are going to the grand opening of snap today hannah won her game against york last nite have fun love mom