Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today Kat and I travelled West of Amsterdam to the Beach. The North Sea was pretty polluted and smelled of rotten fish!! The waves looked green, but that did not keep visitors away. The beach was crowded with locals and tourists. I had to try the water, even though I was afraid it might make me throw-up! The water was pretty chilly(probably just right for the locals).
The reason that we are still in Amsterdam tonight is a funny story. Kat and I were planning our trip out of the city and into Cologne, Germany late last night when she pulled out the itinrary and was reminded that we didn't have a place to stay for tonight!! I was freaking out and was frantically emailing all of the hostels in the surrounding area. This morning we talked to the receptionist at the hostel we are staying at here in Amsterdam and decided to stay here anther night, and to go to the beach during the day today.
So today, kat and I took the shuttle from the hostel to the beach and stayed out for around 5hours. I think I got a little sunburn but not too bad! We have become little experts on the city here in Amsterdam, we have been going a little outside the toursity areas and buying food from local gracery stores to eat lunch/breakfast and sometimes dinner. It is way cheaper this way.
Yesterday, we went to the Van Gough Museum on museumplien and to the Vondel gardens. And we were finally able to eat a Dutch pancake, which is thinner than an American one and is traditionally covered in cherries and whipped cream! yummie!!!
So tomorrow Kat and I will head out to Cologne early in the day where we plan to go the famous pools, visit the Dom, and go to the Chocolate Museum, where they give free samples to students!! yay!
Sorry this is so rushed and skatter-brained. There is a long line for the internet and I don't want to be a pain and take forever!
Ill keep you posted on Germany soon! Love-


Janet said...

Hi Maddie and Kat. Sounds like a great adventure- dead fish all. Enjoy the beer and bread in Germany- the best!


Hannah said...

hey ladies! glad you girls are having fun minus the whole rotten fish part. Can't wait to hear more about it. Better be picking up some cute boys for me:)

love you

Janet said...


I'm glad you and Kat are having a good time. I hope you are having better weather than us: it's about 60 degrees and raining. Enjoy Europe.

Jim (Benjamin Heller's father)

Janet said...

ay yo maddie what up oh and kat what up,

i hope you two wonderful ladies are doing all you can to obliterate your mind in amsterdam ( make me proud), i however have made a wonderous paper chain in which i count your return. it seems forever since i have seen thy shining face, however i know in my heart that we will soon be re-united, give or say 5 weeks time. anyways hope your enjoying europe, from the discription it seems so.

see you soon,


lissa lyerly said...

hey maddie happy you girls are having a great time myrtle wishes she could have been to the beach with yall and those nice aroma of stinky im missing you cant wait to here more thanks for the card you know i know how to chicken dance love mom