Monday, April 21, 2008

Leaving comments

Nay Nay and anyone else having trouble leaving a comment- I am pretty sure that you just have to click "1(or however many) comments" below the post and it will bring you to the "leave comment" page. You will have to sign in or "choose identity" before you can publish your comment.


Anonymous said...

Helllo Madeline!
You are leaving this week! I hope you are super excited! I'll miss you while you are gone and I'm sad you'll be in Fredricksburg all Summer, but I'll come visit! I hope you make tons of fabulous memories and have the time of your life! You are going to love love love Charlotte I can't wait for you to come visit! It has so many incredible old houses AND it's artsy. You are going to be in love and want to move there to live with me. muahaha. BE SAFE! xoxox!

Irvin Lyerly said...

this is a test

Irvin Lyerly said...